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AI / Machine Learning

Lirone has a broad experience in the engineering side with an expertise in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. He brings value to the community by sharing its knowledge and discoveries in the field.

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Boehringer Ingelheim

Karol is a system analyst at Boehringer Ingelheim in charge of building the structure for network automations. Her passion and experience bring the Community a stronger network in the engineering world.

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Yann is a  Biomechanical Engineer working across the globe in the Medtech industry. His experience allows him to constantly develop his network within the robotic assisted surgery with engineers, surgeons, business and marketing managers.

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Aston Martin

Ruben has a broad experience working in the mobility arena. Currently at Aston Martin, his extended passion and know-how provide the community with valuable expertise in the latest innovation insights of the mobility industry.

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Healthcare microfabrication

Miguel has a vast experience in Microfabrication and has been working in medtech startups and deeptech R&D labs in the past years. He brings value through his expertise in novel materials for medical and wearable applications.


NTT Data

Sara has a large experience in entrepreneurship and innovation. Her leadership has driven the creation of various innovative projects around the world (New York, Finland, Spain, China, India...). She currently works at NTT Data.

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University of Barcelona

Ryan is a postdoctoral researcher that unites organizational science with a passion for Deep Tech to empower the journey from technology to positive societal impact. His experience provides the Community with business insights.


EIT Urban Mobility

Matteo has an extended experience in the deeptech startup ecosystem from startups in social impact, health and urban mobility. He brings value to the community through his European expertise and connections within the ecosystem.


Biotechnology and Health

Marina is a passionate of health. Her medicine studies allow her to have a broad knowledge in medicine with an expertise in biotechnology. She is currently working in his own biotech startup and she is the founder of UBRA.

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Head of Innovation

Loïc has an extensive know-how and passion for stories about how technologies transform our society. He is the founder of Paris Singularity and has a thorough and detail analysis about the different deeptech fields.

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Fundraising for Deeptech 

Thomas is a passionate person specialized in fundraising for complex science-based startups. He has contributed to close 8 seed to Series A rounds and raised +15 Mn€. He has also founded the first impact-driven hostel in a Colombian Favela.



Gael is an experienced aircraft engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the aerospace industry. He is currently working for the leader in the business jet industry and his expertise and passion of the industry brings value to the community.

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